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Company Vision

Since 1983, "Van Norman" and "Robins" names have been synonymous with leading edge engine re-building industry. We offer complete range of machines for engine builders- from motor cycle to Car and truck engines , from Air Craft engines to marine engine building.. .
Our vision is to be the World’s foremost leaders in designing and mfging finest machines , providing our customers with high-quality, high precision machinery and creative solutions that will allow their companies to prosper while contributing to their local economy. We work closely with our customers in order to provide optimal products to meet and exceed their company goals and needs. We feel our passion for our products is shared by our customers because of the innovation, quality, and design found in each one of our manufactured machines and components.
Company Vision Feature
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Mission Statement

"Van Norman Machines " and "Robins" mission is to provide World-Class quality and innovative designs and related manufacturing quality in response to our customer’s needs. As well to continuously improve in order to meet the ever changing needs of our customers and industry.

Robins by Van Norman Machines also value the commitment, skills, attitude and effort of its employees which is essential for the success of the company. We believes that by maintaining a healthy business relationship with our customers, suppliers and employees , will result in further growth, success and future prosperity of our company . Collectively our team at "Robins by Van Norman" believes and portray these values.

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